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  • You Needed Me
  • Images
  • On The Inside
  • There Never Was a Time
  • Love Will Never Be the Same Without You
  • Ship on the Ocean
  • If I Give My Love to You
  • Learning to Live With a Heartache
  • I'm Picking Up the Pieces of My Life
  • Can't Face Tomorrow

Produced on Jamie Records - 1981
Produced by Billy Butt

In the special vocabulary of entertainment business, the word star is more abused and less well defined than almost any other. We often talk about star quality, but I have come to believe that it's a very special combination of qualities, embodied in one personality that has an immediate and lasting emotional impact on the audience.

John Wesley Shipp is a perfect example of this, and the audience to his natural warmth, strenght and sensitivity, in combination with a splendid acting talent and rare musical gifts, would certainly seem to suport this theory. Only an audience can create a star, but only a performer who can offer them a combination of talents that's totally his own, and therefore both individual and unique, can ever hope to earn the title, John Wesley Shipp qualifies on all counts.

Douglas Marland - Executive Producer of Guiding light - CBS

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